Smart Home Technology and Tech Gift Ideas for Men


Christmas Gift Ideas and Smart Home Technology projects for the weekend or holidays


Every Man Yearns for a New Set of Speakers

There are few possesions that will make a man smile more than a beautiful new set of speakers.

Expertly crafted by world renowned speaker designer Scott Krix, the Krix range exudes quality with their Premium Real Timber Finishes and their impressive sound reproduction. Quite fortuitously for us, they are also built right here in Australia, adding to their appeal

Your iPad, iPhone or Android doubles as your Remote Control

Wireless tablets are the minimalist's dream in form and function. They are fast replacing both desktop and laptop PCs as the preferred medium for browsing the web. But now you can control your audio visual system, or in fact your whole house's systems with your favorite tablet PC.

In a Smart Home, your favorite tablet computer has the abililty to control the home's lighting, air-conditioning, blinds, fans, pool, complete audiovisuals and even appliances.

Nous House suggests you look at the outstanding tablets we sell from Archos or use your iPad or iPhone


Archive your Music and get rid of the CD/DVD clutter

Everyone has them. Drawers, boxes or racks filled with seldom played dusty music albums or movies on CDs or DVDs. Why not archive them onto a digital media server so you have access to them from yout modern TV, home theatre receiver or media player. You will also get your drawers back!

The DLNA specification is a digital music standard supported by most audio, video and IT equipment manufacturers. It provides a basis for a highly functional though cost effective solution for storing and playing digital audio, video and other media files.

DLNA supporting equipment provides a great depth of features with some products providing web media streaming, web server functions, Personal Video Recording (PVR), Media file management, storage & playback. DLNA is a continually evolving standard, with adoption levels that equipment vendors can certify to, to allow inter-operability and inter-functionality between many differing vendors equipment

What this means for the home owner is the ability to choose from a range of exciting digital media products meeting their lifestyle choices whilst providing confidence they will interoperate

So why not clear out your dust sollecting clutter for this Christmas, whilst still preserving the freedom of access to all your favourite music and movies in the same rooms as before. Once all your digital media is in one place, you can easily expand your entertainment zones to other rooms such as the study, bedrooms and the outdoors.

Being Green Never Looked so Good

Energy Efficiency Monitoring system - Possibly a present for the wife. She will enjoy monitoring the energy use of your house to reduce the quarterly electricity bill, but this unit displays a style and panache that will make it a talking point in every summer dinner party.

Everyone gets the message with the power bills of late, that every time you turn something on, you're increasing the amount of electricity that's being consumed. Not to mention the appliances that are chewing up power 24 hours a day.

Why not make your house a little smarter this holiday season and give an energy monitor. The amount she will be able to save off your electricity bill is large with this great looking device, where you can see your energy use in real time and monitor how your money's being spent allowing the savvy home owner to do something about it.

The DIY Kyoto Wattson 01 looks great in any room and subtley changes colour based on the current power use. A talking point and a useful device for the Smart Home in one.

A Webtablet that doubles as a media server

You mightn't have noticed but wireless tablets are taking over the world, fast replacing desktops and laptop PCs as the preferred medium for browsing the web. We stock a large range of premium tablets from the award winning range from Archos that suit normal web browsing use or acting as home automation controllers.

Models great for Christmas presents include the Archos 9 Windows based tablet which is amazing for teenage PC gamers, playing MMORPG games while lying on your couch or being a HD media server in the lounge,


or the new Archos 48 which in a small portable form factor Android tablet that can also be placed into a dock allowing it to be an HDMI media server with 500GB storage, for use in your home theatre or lounge room environment but can just as easily be picked up by a family member to 'take the show on the road' when you go to a holiday destination, or even watching or listening to music in the car on those long drives.


Wall Mounts, Desk Stands and Hardcases for your iPad

iPads are an amazing device with a huge market penetration due to their ease of use. Unfortunately this often leads to young children who are playing with them (and sometimes those not so young) dropping them in the course of use due to the slippery curved nature of the back design that slides out of the hand rather too easily.

The Wallee is an extremely versatile hard case for the iPad that gives it quite reasonable physical protection should the worst occur, but also provides a range of intelligent accessories that can turn your iPad into either a desk mounted, wall mounted or even hand mounted tablet.


These products are high quality but incredibly inexpensive considering the wide range of applications using the accessories and also the piece of mind they convey when 'Mummy's iPad' is being used by the kids


Create the Perfect Outdoors Party Environment

Let's face it, one of the best party environments during summer is outside. So having all your expensive audio equipment only playing in your lounge room doesn't seem practical for this time of year.
Why not take the plunge and invest in a great new outdoor audio environment as a present to yourself this Christmas. Nothing livens up a party, barbeque or outside dining like some nice background music, listening to the cricket (with a cold beer) or a funky party beat.

The best part is, it doesn't have to cost the earth. You may only need speakers to attach, as many modern amplifiers quite often have an un-utilised second zone.

Browse through our large range of outdoor audio products.

Access Your Home with Nothing...... but your Thumb

Sound's a lot like something Jeremy Clarkson would say on the award winning BBC show 'Top Gear'.

But you too can easily and quite inexpensively have a very James Bond-esque fingerprint scanning front door reader programmed to only allow access to your house by you and your family. It can also make up part of a larger house security or home automation system should you like to embark on one at the same time or in the future.

Energy Efficiency Monitoring system

Every time you turn something on, you're increasing the amount of electricity that's been consumed. Not to mention the appliances that are on and using power 24 hours a day. Why not make your house a little smarter this holiday season and put in an energy monitor. The amount you can save off your electricity bill is large as when you can see your energy use in real time, you can monitor how your money's being spent and do something about it.

The Clipsal Cent-A-Meter is a brilliant low cost innovation that gives you the information you need to take control of your power consumption. For a more upmarket look you may choose the Wattson 01 which looks good in any room and changes colour depending on use. A Clipsal Cent-A-Meter sensor is easily installed by a licensed electrician by fitting a measuring device onto the main active cable in your switchboard.

The sensor measures power flow and the Transmitter Unit sends that info to the wireless hand held Receiver, you now have an instant, accurate assessment of just how much electricity you're using and how much it's costing you per hour.

Smart House Automated Lighting System for your Home

You live in a nice house that you are happy with and don't want the hassle of renovating, Right?. But you would really love your house to be a 'smarter' home. Why not install automated lighting?

With automated lighting you can have your lights come on automatically at dusk, change during the evening to different scenes based on where you and your family are situated and gives you 'single button' all lights out at the end of the evening or when you leave the house. You can also control the mood in your house using your favorite personal communicator such as an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet or PC.

All this can be achieved WITHOUT running new cables in your walls and under your floors and for substantially less than you might consider. A normal Unit, Apartment or Town House would be around $7,500 and a house from $10K depending on size. But this is not for some ugly looking white plastic switches, it is for the most modern, sleek architecturally beautiful Saturn Glass push button switch plates.

For control from your tablets or PC, a Clipsal Wiser home automation controller provides wireless connectivity for your house and controls the house's new lighting system. Once this controller is installed, adding other Smart Home features is also much easier. For instance, you can add equipment to monitor and graph your home energy usage to reduce your power bill for around $750 more or control your air-conditioner from $500 more.

So why not smarten up your home for the holidays, even if you just start with lighting you will overjoyed with the lifestyle enhancement and lift to room decor provided

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